Current Activities: Activities that are Active and accepting contributions from users.

Archives: Activities that happened in the past. You can view the Activity but cannot contribute.

Activity: When you click on any of the Current Activities (or) Archives, you will be redirected to View the Activity.

Like: When you like any of the user’s contribution in the Activity page, click Like to Like particular Audio/Video in Activity page.

Activity Like: When you like the whole Activity, you can Like the Activity in Activity page by clicking Activity Like button.

Contribute: You can Contribute your views/thoughts in any of the Current Activities by clicking the Contribute button in Activity page, which will be redirected to Gallery showing all the contributions with latest contribution on the top.

Conduct: Any registered user can Start, Edit and Delete the Activity.

Follow: You can Follow any user, you wish to follow and will get feeds from the Follow whenever he/she make a Contribution.

Connect: You can stay connected with your friends and make new friends by clicking the Connect button provided with every user in Activity page and in Profile.

I am Following: You can view the people, you Follow by clicking “I am Following”.

My Activities: View the log of all the Conducts, Likes and Contributions made by you.

My Profile – Likes: Number of Likes you got through all your Activities and Contributions.

My Profile – Conducts: Number of Activities Conducted by you.

My Profile – Contributions: Number of Contributions made by you.

My Profile – Followers: Number of users that follow you.

My Profile – Friends: Number of Friends that are connected to you.