About Us

Everyone in this world is unique and have different views, thoughts, opinions, experiences, Ideas and understanding about the things existingin this world and happening around the world. CCquare is a place to share them with the worldthrough knowledge based Activities like Group Discussion, Debate etc. CCquare is not only for sharing views and thoughts,but also to bring good people with good knowledge into light. 

It’s all about two ‘C’s that’s why it’s C”square” in which first C is for Conduct and second C is for Contribute. All you need to do is record your word and upload.

Conduct: Anyone who is interested to initiate the Activity will become the Conductor for that Activity. He/she will provide the initiative talk about the Activity, by posting his/her first Contribution in the form of Audio/Video.

Contribute: User can search for the Activities in interested areas and Contribute in the selected Activity, by posting his/her Contribution in the form of Audio/Video.
One need not Conduct/Contribute to View the Activity, Anyone who is interested can go through all the people’s contributions in any Activity.

Apart from above, also have Friends and Follow Feed, Favored Contributors, Trending Activities, Activity Likes, Archives and many more. CCquare believes that your knowledge Contribution is helpful to someone in this world who are in need and helps to make a better world.

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